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In-Depth Discussions, Interviews and Legal Analysis of Immigration Law and Practice with Professionals in the Field, with Host John Khosravi, Esq. Intended for Immigration Lawyers and Attorneys. Attorney Advertisement, please consult with an attorney.
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Nov 24, 2015

Host John Khosravi's Interview and Discussion with Immigration Guru, Attorney, Professor, Author & Advocate Stephen Yale-Loehr (

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Show Notes:

00:00 Overview
01:00 Introduction
01:36 Personal Background & Professional Beginnings
03:30 What does it mean to be Of Counsel and his role in his firm
04:25 Asylum Processing Times (Newark Asylum Office) and Detention times
05:53 EB-5 (I-526) Processing Times and the EB-5 Program
07:05 Steve's EB-5 cases and trends (for example, third party loans). IIUSA (
09:06 Amount time for Family v. Business Practice for the firm and Steve. One-off complex cases, witness testimony, pro bono (asylum) Half of practice is EB-5 related now
10:00 How Steve does his book writing
10:50 Where Steve gets his information (, Lexis, Dan Kowalski Daily online publications Bender's immigration bulletin / various listservs)
11:57 Practice management: in-house case management system Access database w/in house IT team
12:31 Kind of complex cases he is working on (J-Visa, Asylum, EB-5)
14:15 Issues with Immigration: multiplicity of agencies and opinons and inability to be proactive in anticipating constantly shifting workload
16:25 How immigration reform would happen / points system used by other countries
19:20 Career: things that shaped who he is / clients that affected him
22:00 Affect of stress of the cases: managing client expectations
23:30 Dealing with case issues (ombudsmen, email or congressional inquiry)
24:35 Parting words: helping new immigrations come, opportunity here for them and lawyers

Nov 24, 2015

Host John Khosravi's Interview and Discussion with Los Angeles Tech Entrepreneur and law firm management and marketing expert Michael Chasin, Founder and

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Show Notes:

00.00 Overview of the Podcast
01.03 Introduction
01:20 Background of Michael Chasin
02:33 Decision not to practice law and switch to business
03:30 "Not having a boss"
03:50 Starting legal marketing site "Law Kick"
06:32 Online marketing techniques for lawyers
07:20 Content strategies
08:25 Social Media
09:00 Sites you can sign up for for more online presence
09:35 Creating online presence by starting webs around the internet (Google Crawling)
11:55 Getting Reviews
12:20 Yelp
15:45 Modern Customer Service expectations from Law Firms
18:58 What should be in your profile? Photos, educational background, reviews and find things to relate with the client
22:00 Office management / info and client management
22:50 Background on Lexicata
22:22 Benefits of Intake forms
28:50 Final words of advice
31:20 Ways to contact Michael

Nov 24, 2015

Host John Khosravi's Interview and Discussion with Los Angeles Immigration Lawyer Tahmina Watson (http://www.immigrationlawyersinseattl...) Founder of Watson Immigration Law and Author of: "The Startup Visa: Key to Job Growth and Economic Prosperity in America".

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Show Notes:

00:00 Overview of the Podcast
01:55 Background (Education and Family) of Tahmina Watson
04:00 About Barristers v. Solicitors in the British Legal System
04:45 Pupillage (Apprenticeship) Position and Practicing Law in Great Britain
11:12 Why she came to the U.S.
12:15 Being able to practice in U.S. States
15:22 Personal Immigration experience
17:50 Getting started in Immigration Law
19:43 Her Blog (marketing/book)
20:20 Newspaper articles
20:43 Memberships in groups and Bar Associations
21:45 Social Media presence/Blog
24:00 Areas of Immigration Law she practices
25:00 Advocacy for "Start Up Visas"
26:20 Types of Visa categories she enjoys
27:05 Example of problem she has faced (example of USCIS OPT/H-1B Cap error that she fixed)
32:44 How she started her book
38:25 Publishing
44:05 Upcoming U.S. elections & future Immigration Policy
51:00 Practice Management
53:45 Office Quality Control (software: INS Zoom and calendars such as outlook and wall calendars)
55:32 Books recommended (Nutshell on Immigration & Kurzban)
57:45 AILA Membership (using mentors)
1:00:40 How her week looks like / Balancing Personal & Business Life
1:06:43 Asylum Timelines
1:07:10 Discussion on the future of EB-5 Immigrant Investor program

Nov 23, 2015

Host John Khosravi's Interview and Discussion with Los Angeles Immigration Lawyer Heather Poole (, a Managing Partner of the Law Firm Stone, Grzegorek & Gonzalez LLC, well known Immigration/Human Rights Attorney, former Southern California AILA Chair and Member of the National Board of Governors.

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Show Notes:

0:45 Introduction to Heather Poole
2:00 Personal Background, Education and choosing immigration law (Lennie Benson:
4:14 Her first legal job
6:20 Starting her solo law practice
8:45 Problems with answering your own phone, using answering/reception services (
11:55 What is going on with her now? The transition of merging law firms
14:20 History of firm (Professional Law Corporation) and Marketing (online), using marketing courses & focusing on a niche practice ares
18:20 failures and successes: example of needing to know Family Law as well. See her article at:
24:20 Managing an office team - Using software, Microsoft Office 365, backing up data on a physical server, Abacus Law, AILA Link, Law Logix,
28:28 Being an attorney in other jurisdictions
30:56 What are the Characteristics of a Good and Bad Immigration Lawyer?
32:27 What keeps you up at night regarding cases?
34:30 Balancing Personal Life & Business Life
38:34 Future goals in the next 10 years

Jul 30, 2015

00:45 Introductions

01:20 Personal History

         Early Life (Family & Education)

07:30 Military/Army Experience

13:00 Leaving Military And Law School

15:05 Post-Law School & Starting the Practice of Law

        16:40 Starting Your Own Practice Tips

        17:20 The Importance of Having A Business Plan

19:40 Sonia's Area's Of Practice (Family, Removal Defense, U & T Visas, VAWA Petitions)

20:45 Dealing With The Pressures of T/U/VAWA Cases/Clients

24:45 Becoming A USCIS Adjudications Officer

28:20 Experience As A USCIS Adjudications Officer w/ Tips

43:15 Running A Solo Practice

         Marketing. Whether To Use Yelp? Using


50:15 Case/Issues In Sonia's Practice That Are On Her Mind

57:15 Meditation Techniques Sonia Uses To Help Deal With The Pressures Of Practicing Law

Jun 28, 2015

Discussion about the Draft of EB-5 Renewal Regulation

Immigration Attorneys John Khosravi and Belma Demirovic Chinchoy discuss the recent US Senate Bill proposed to renew the EB-5 Immigration Investor Program, in particular in regards to Regional Centers and their affect on foreign Aliens looking to gain a US Green Card (Lawful Permanent Resident Status) by making an investment in the US.